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Q: What level are we starting at?
A: Level 10

Q: How are you going to change rules for skills?
A: Every class that doesn’t gets 6 + int or wis x4 at first level, and 6+ int or wis each level after in skill points.

Exception: The rogue and exemplar get 10 +int or wis x4 at level 1. Bard and Beguiler get 8 + int or wis.

Try and take some craft, or knowledge skills to back up your back story.
I want everyone to get a decent quantity of skill points so they can build a well rounded and competent character. You can take your standard class skills or choose up to 10 skills to be class skills or mix and match as you please. 3.5 Did many things right, class skills and skill points was NOT one of them.

Q: How do you want to do treasure?
A: Give yourself standard gold for level 10 (49,000 GP – DMG pg. 135).
Players may purchase any magic item that they can afford from the Dungeon Masters Guide and the Magic Item Compendium. Recommend that you buy your desired items now as there are no “magic 7-11s” in the world. Rare magic items will have to be brokered/quested for.

Q: What stats array should we use?
A: 28 point buy, with one free 18 in a stat of your choice.

Q: What houserules will you have regarding magic?
A: I will not be using stat attacking spells, poisons etc in the game. All spells that do so are not allowed.

Q: What other houserules are there?
A: I also suggest against alignment attacking spells as everyone will technically not have an alignment unless they constantly channel good or evil spells, that will start to leave a mark on the soul.

Main Page

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