Dual Shield wielding intrepid warrior.


Xyan the dual shield fighter, comes from a line of Royal Guardsmen. Born and raised inside the castle, he was trained among fellow apprentices to defend his king with his life. The sword and shield did not suit him; where most trainees fought two handed, he fought with a shield alone and eventually grew strong enough to use two of them. It is his belief that the razor edge of a shield is just as effective as a sword blade, but offers protection that the sword cannot match. His estrangement from the other young warriors gave him a taste for people outside the normal social standards and a distaste for those within it.

It is the way of his King to assess the skills of his guards by combat; each must fight in an all out battle, the last man standing is given high honor and a place among the personal entourage of the Prince. As might be expected, Xyan defeated all before him. As was unexpected, the Prince decided to test his own might against his potential guard. The result of the 6 second duel was the blunted edge of a shield crashing into the Prince’s nose, forever destroying it despite the efforts of the clerics. Xyan was banished from the realm and spent the intermediate time as a guard for merchants. He has little respect for people who cannot back up their words, and doesn’t place a king above a peasant purely by social status.

Hooks: there’s a pissed off prince/king. Possible merchants who may have hired him before.


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