Ragnar Fridbjofur

Worshipper of Entropy


Ragnar was raised by his grandparents Sigguard and Frigga. They lived a simple life, he tended fields and gardens and when his grandmother and grandfather became feeble, he took great pains to make sure they were as comfortable as possible.

Ragnar never knew his mother and father. When he asked about his father Sigguard would tell him that he was a captain of a guard of a city that Ragnar could never find on a map. He was assured that his father was a brave and good man. When he asked about his mother a dark look would come over Sigguard and Frigga’s faces and he was bade to do more chores.

So, Ragnar learned not to ask about that.

He was in the village selling his harvest at market when it happened. When he came home he saw that both his grandparents were dead. Throats torn open by the rather large boar that was busy consuming them. This displeased him, so he picked up the axe that he used to chop down wood and buried it in the neck of the beast.

He then buried his grandparents under the ground, so that their bodies may return nutrients to the soil and thusly the plants could live, and thusly the cycle of death and growth could be complete. Ragnar, it could be said, deeply respected the cycles of nature, having come to depend on them for survival.

Not being the wasteful sort, Ragnar then dressed the corpse of the boar. He cooked it up with carrots and wild onions and ate himself a bountiful feast.

Like his mother before him, Ragnar had received the attentions of Tharizdun when he consumed the flesh of the boar, who had consumed the flesh of his ancestors. Tharizdun the Dweller in Darkness, The Emperor at the End of All Things had turned his eye upon Ragnar and he knew…he knew that this humble servant could be the harbinger to his return.

All Ragnar knew about it was that the next morning he felt different. He heard a voice in his head telling him that he needed to leave his cottage and travel the world. To grow strong and powerful, so that he could aid in burying the corpse of this world which was dying. Ragnar was now the harbinger of Tharizdun the Hidden King, and Ragnar would help prepare a feast for his god.

Story Hooks: Interest in his mother who is a mystery. Has been directed by his god to find a Sphere of Annihilation.

Ragnar Fridbjofur

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