Quince Arborghast

Cunning ambitious necromancer


Neutral Evil Human Female
Dread Necromancer (Heroes of Horror): http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/cwc/20060627a


Father left early.
It was just my mother and I for a long time.
The local lord hated competition and hated anyone with power enough to threaten him.
So, he outlawed the religions. Outlawed clerics.
My mother was a healer and was tolerated because she mostly mended with tinctures, salves, and other herbal remedies. The ones she couldn’t save, were mine.

My job was to make the corpses pretty for the funerals. I won’t be falsely modest – I’m practically a wizard when it comes to artiface and makeup. Why, even the most mangled corpses could look like they could climb off the table and dance at their own funerals.

One day the lord’s sister fell ill. Mother could do nothing for her. She recommended that the lord bring in an actual cleric to remove the disease. He demanded that she help, and when the lord’s sister died things got very ugly.

She was taken from our home and punished. The whispers amongst the rabble said that she was raped by all the lord’s men over and over and over again.

When she came home, all she could do was cry. She barely ate or drank. I couldn’t stand to let her live like this. I gave her some soma so that she could sleep.

I guess I made it too strong, or she was too weak. Either way she died.

…That’s when I discovered my other gift. After I fixed her up as pretty as she ever was, she came back. And together with my girlish wiles, and the beastly desires of the lord’s men, we had our revenge.

The screams of horror when my corpse mother ripped open their throats were like a symphony to my perfect ears.

But soon the act of justice was complete, and now I should make my way in the world. This small province no longer suits me.

Quince Arborghast

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