micheal stroganhoff


Micheal Stroganhoff was born in a small homestead north of stormy villa, a city known for it’s excellent olive harvest. Mitch was out hunting deer in the woods when he heard a large crash, he looked around and found a deer trapped under a fallen tree, instead of killing the deer as would have been wise, he set it free so that perhaps it could live to see another day. Mitch enjoyed watching the deer bound off happily as he fed it his last healing potions. it was a shame and a waste of resources but the deer had done no wrong, and didn’t deserve to die. Mitch set off to his home, sad tired and disappointed, but at least he hadn’t murdered an innocent creature.

When Mitch finally arrived at where his homestead should have been, instead all he found was a wasteland beset by dark unnameable creatures, his first regret was the loss of his inheritance and then, the loss of his siblings, he did not weep for his parents however, as they were cruel aristocrats that had sent the rest of their family to “learn from the earth” in a shoddily built series of shacks to the north of the great city, presumably to save money on providing for them.

After Mitch was done mourning he set off to beg shelter in stormy villa but was immediately expelled by the guards, just then a young looking man with strangely gray hair appeared and offered Mitch a better life, Mitch immediately took the help that was offered to him by this kind stranger. They spent the night in an abandoned shack, with accommodations far greater than those Mitch was used to, and the man, Ragnar, gave him three stones one to make him stronger, one to keep him nourished, and a third to keep him light on his feet. Mitch decided to accompany Ragnar on his journey to make the world end, (Ragnar assured him that a new, better world would begin as the first ended) as their now mutual god Tharizdun commanded.

Mitch, the intrepid companion of Ragnar, still cannot pronounce his friends last name, even after 6 years of companionship (sometimes, Ragnar isn’t entirely reliable).

micheal stroganhoff

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