Archibald Calder

Bold soldier of fortune


Archibald Calder the son of Ambrose and Viola Calder, a middle child
with two older brother Emory and Gilbert and two younger sisters
Althea and Josefa. Josefa was born on a cold rainy fall night, Viola
Calder dying during childbirth. Viola’s sister (Archibald’s aunt) and
his two cousins came to live with his family to help with the children
and the farm. His Aunt’s husband dying years earlier in a farming
accident and needing to sell off their farm to deal with mounting

A few years after his mother died, the farm was raided by humanoids
led my a wizard who went by the name of Theodosius. Theodosius was
interested in trading for Josefa, but when Ambrose refused they began
burning down the farm and murdering the livestock. All the brothers
took arms as the women and the young cousins hid. After the battle
Emory was dead leaving Gilbert as the primary heir to the land and
leaving Archibald with a wanderlust he had never felt before.

Ambrose pulling his son aside informed him that he was the beneficiary
of the spirit that haunted the Calder’s one son was destined to wander
the world to understand the ways of the warrior. The only way to
break this destiny is to find true love which Ambrose found with
Viola, and assuming there love was strong would avoid this fate for
his descendents not seeing the spirit in Emory or Gilbert, but he was
mistaken, Archibald had inherited the spirit and that night with the
Theodosius’s army unleashed said spirit. Ambrose gave Archibald his
sword and armor and told him to journey to the northern mountains
where his training would begin.

Archibald arrived at the school run by a fellow named Septimus.
Septimus put Archibald through his paces and for three years trained
in the ways of the Nine swords, but Septimus felt no need for the real
world as Archibald saw it and told him such letting him know that
there was no further need for training. Septimus understood and told
him “You are your father’s son.”

Archibald’s initial forays into the world led him to fighting pits,
underground fights, arena combat and anywhere his sword arm would take
him. He has rubbed elbows with the deadliest thugs in the underworld
and helped villages in their time of need. His reward isn’t the money
or the prestige, but the fight, the adrenaline, the ability to best
another man in combat.

For the Calder’s life goes on. His brother Gilbert is closing in on
his sixth year of marriage with two young boys. His sister Althea,
recently married was able to contact Archibald, he did return home for
a short time, doting on his nephews, but missing his life as a
wandering warrior. His sister Jafea entering womanhood remains
unaware of the events that took her eldest brothers life, but her path
is still before her, Archibald unsure of why Theodosius wanted the
child and why he never returned. Ambrose still tills his farm, loving
his grandchildren, and mourning the loss of his true love, praying for
his son caught in the wanderers life.

Personality: A man of generally aesthetic pleasures he prefers a hot
cup of tea over an Ale, he is not beyond reading a bawdy poem or
making a sarcastic remark especially in the heat of combat. He is not
fond of people who are undisciplined or exhibit poor impulse control
and has time moved on has tried to avoid drawing his weapon

Hobbies: Weapons training, poetry, tea

Plot hooks: Jafea does she have a secret or was it just coincidence,
did his father have enemies and where they trying to extract revenge
via Theodosius. Archibald has also dealt with underworld types,
bandits and various unsavory elements in his warriors journey any of
these could want to hire him or kill him or some combination of the
two (hire him to kill himself). Also, Archibald is a dedicated friend
and would do anything for Jafea, Gilbert, Althea, Ambrose or Septimus.

Archibald Calder

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